17 January 2009

Eye Spy... A taste of summer.

My dresses!!! They're out of the cupboard and ready to be worn baby.

I actually have about 5 more than these that I wanted to show off too. But I really couldn't be bothered carrying them out to the yard, hanging them up and photographing those ones too.

Amongst those that didn't make the cut there is the beautiful party dress I got at Forever New the other day for $6.99 reduced from $119.99 because there was a bow that fell off it. (That was ugly, the dress looks better without it. And it didn't even leave a mark !) And a really cute suit dress that is the best grey colour ever!

Hope you like my babies. Thanks to Bug and Pop for hosting and to Anastasia C for this weeks theme!



edward and lilly said...

I love wearing dresses, definitely a great thing about Summer!

ButtonsByLouLou said...

They look great. You have a lot! I have been thinking a lot recently about adding some summer dresses to my wardrobe - something a bit more feminine and perfect on hot days. Very inspiring.

Libby said...

Isn't it great to find a bargain like that!
I especially like your flowery dress, very cute.

Sarah said...

lovely stuff! Every year I can't wait to unpack my summery clothes.

fi said...

CUTE! i know where to go if i need to borrow a frock!

Sharon said...

Great dresses! I can't wait for it to warm up here!