20 January 2009

My first real piece of clothing.

As modeled by Cleveland the bear. He's going through some gender confusion right now... The dress is a little big for him, so you can't really see. But it's made from this pattern.

If only I knew any little girls to wear this.... I'm thinking that I'll give it to my sister in law to give to her niece Charlotte. She's just about the right age.

And!! I made button holes, I figured it out. Seems totally obvious now that I know what to do. I made this out of thrifted sheets. I think it's so cute! (Please excuse the photo, I literally just finished this and haven't gone through all the cotton clipping malarky.)



Hoppo Bumpo said...

At least your model smiles when he tries on your BurdaStyle girl's creation. My models (2 and 3 year old boys) look a bit sour about the whole affair!

Its a great dress - beautiful fabric. It looks like you lined it too? I hope it finds a wearer soon!

potty mouth mama said...

The dress is gorgeous - the fabric is divine. Buttonholes.. Hmm, yet to master that.