11 January 2009

Guilty Confessions.....

Amy always thinks up the funniest games :)

Well here goes. I think that my confession is something that a lot of people are guilty of too. So, I'm going to bite the bullet and come out of the closet for every one.

I love reading Chick Lit books.
You know the ones. Where a girl meets a boy and they know each other for like a week and they fall in love and they get married in about 3 seconds. But, I only like the ones that are funny too. Don't mind a bit of crime mystery thrown in there too!

Head over and see everyone else's confessions!



Amy (badskirt) said...

Chick Lit!? You've got some serious guilt there. As an act of contrition, I recommend 3 days shoe shopping and a bottle of wine.

Thanks for joining in the fun.

Alana Jo said...

Oh I love chick lit too!!!