25 January 2009

Eye Spy... Something starting with a J.


You don't have any idea how hard it was not to just take the cheaters way out here and just say Jemma's _______. And then put in whatever I felt like showing at the moment. But then I had a think about it and decided on these pretty jars. I love all things coloured glass, I think it's really beautiful and interesting, but very simple. These are obviously filled with some very pretty buttons too. I had them out for brooch making, I'll post on those later this week.

Thanks to Cindy for hosting and Lauren for the theme this week. Hope that everyone has a very nice day off. I know I will.



CurlyPops said...

Lovely buttons! They look so pretty in glass jars.

Sarah said...

Ha, I had "jar" too! (And it took me all week to figure out a "J")!

Sharon said...

I just love jars full of buttons!

Lauren said...

Great collection of jars and buttons! Thanks for sharing :-)