28 November 2008

Ginger Beer

I decided that I'd use Pip's recipe and have a go at making some ginger beer. After seeing her joy at her creation at the Peddlar's Picnic. How could I resist?

The end of my second week is coming, and it should be ready for bottling on Sunday afternoon. I still haven't quite pigured out where I'm going to mix 14 litres of ginger beer in my tiny kitchen, but that's half the fun! I'll let you know on Sunday night.

Also, my best friend asked me if I could dye a dress of hers. I of course said yes (very cockily I might add) but I actually have no idea how to. Any one have any tips?


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CurlyPops said...

I've only ever tried the RIT fabric dyes. You can use them in the washing machine or a laundry trough. My best tip is to check the fabric type carefully first and make sure there are no stains on the dress (as they will show up even more when dyed).