01 November 2008

A week of Nanna.... Day???

This is my last "Nanna" post for the week. Memes work on business days right?

This is another one from my large collection that was gifted from Nanna. It's an old tea tin and at the moment it holds my desicated coconut. I love all of my babies equally, but this one combines my love of tea AND kitchen containers.

I've been thinking that I'm going to start a few weekly features here so that I won't ever be finding myself desperate or content.

My ideas at the moment are:
- weekly canister, which would just be a picture of the aforementioned canister and a few lines about where I got it etc.

- Weekend baking, where I would post a recipe and picture of whatever I've cooked that weekend.

- join on with "on my desk" which might be hard since the answer is usaully either amity or tea cups

- a weekly hare your stash.

Good? Bad? What does everyone think?

- Jemna

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