26 November 2008

On my fridge..

With one of my favourite bloggers, Amy over at BadSkirt.

A little temperature conversion chart, since my oven is older than dirt it's still in Fahrenheit.

A menu from my favourite restaurant to get take away at. It's walking distance from the house!

A purchase wishlist made by me and Damien at the start of the year. Nice to see that so many have been ticked off!

And lastly, a "get well soon" picture drawn by my nephew Noah when Damien and I had a really bad flu a few months ago.

Thanks Amy for something fun to do tonight.

Next week I'm going to join Fi from Dearfii with her new "what are you wearing Wednesday". Though I might make it it. What I would be wearing if I wasn't at work Wednesday !

Happy hump day everyone!


1 comment:

Amy (badskirt) said...

Oh! I need your conversion chart because I'm constantly needing to convert from F to C. All of my recipes are in Fahrenheit and in American measurements.

I love your purchase list and my favourite yet to buy object on there is "puppy". That's pretty high on our list as well!

Fi's meme sounds like fun. I thought about trying it today, but because I'm at home all day I'm always a tad daggy.

Thanks for joining in the fridge fun!