29 January 2009

My creative space...

This week my creative space is pretty limited. On the weekend me and Damien bought Guitar Hero World Tour with the Drum kit. So the lounge room where I usually craft is turned into the rock out room for a while! BUT. On Tuesday night I watched Kirsty’s video on how to fold a fat quarter, so I decided to do that!

Believe it or not, this is actually my whole collection of fat quarters. I tend to buy fabric by the metre…. I love quantity! But, the ones I do have a gooduns! I even did the little pieces and some of the more squarish bigger pieces I had. It was fun :)

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28 January 2009

What's in your hand bag?

1. Lovely wallet, made with some very nice craft print similar to one featured on Curlypops the other day.

2. Big lug of a phone.

3. Nintendo DS, for the hour long commute to and from work.

4. Kikki K Planner, got this baby for half price because there’s a little mark on the cover. You can’t even really see it!

5. Post its, you never know.

6. The cable for my camera, so I can upload photos whenever I need to!

7. A half dozen pens. Don’t ask.

8. Keys with many many keyrings

9. The nice list! From Kirsty’s schedDUEL giveaway

10. Sun screen, because I got sunburnt at my desk the other day :)

11. A big bag of different sized self cover buttons, for on the train.

12. A pattern that I got yesterday, I was going to start cutting it on my lunch break. Since it’s too hot to go out today.

13. Fabric for the abovmentioned self cover buttons

14. Scissors, for other miscellaneous train crafting.

15. Head band. Just because.

16. Bandaids, for those hurty shoe days

Also playing:

The Crafty Librarian

Andy and Molly

Potty Mouth Mama

Ed Note: I'll try and fix the photo when I get home, this is the best I can do for now!

What's in your hand bag game.

I'll be playing a little game later today. You know in magazine interviews they have a star empty "their" handbag and the have a picture and then they do a bit of a sentence about each item? Well, that's what I'm doing!

If you want to join in, just comment and I'll link you :)


26 January 2009

Hottest 100 Prediction.

I'm getting in early with my prediction for Number 1 on this years Triple J Hottest 100.

Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire.

I think it's a shoo in!

25 January 2009

Eye Spy... Something starting with a J.


You don't have any idea how hard it was not to just take the cheaters way out here and just say Jemma's _______. And then put in whatever I felt like showing at the moment. But then I had a think about it and decided on these pretty jars. I love all things coloured glass, I think it's really beautiful and interesting, but very simple. These are obviously filled with some very pretty buttons too. I had them out for brooch making, I'll post on those later this week.

Thanks to Cindy for hosting and Lauren for the theme this week. Hope that everyone has a very nice day off. I know I will.


20 January 2009

My first real piece of clothing.

As modeled by Cleveland the bear. He's going through some gender confusion right now... The dress is a little big for him, so you can't really see. But it's made from this pattern.

If only I knew any little girls to wear this.... I'm thinking that I'll give it to my sister in law to give to her niece Charlotte. She's just about the right age.

And!! I made button holes, I figured it out. Seems totally obvious now that I know what to do. I made this out of thrifted sheets. I think it's so cute! (Please excuse the photo, I literally just finished this and haven't gone through all the cotton clipping malarky.)


Pay it forward.

I'm sure that a fair few of you read Fii's wonderful blog and have seen that she's doing a pay it forward. I'd decided last night that I would do my own whether I was chosen for hers or not.
So here it is!

The rules are simple:

I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 interested people who comment on this post. I have 365 days to do it in...You must have a blog to join in and be willing to do the same for three other people...

I will leave this open until Sunday night (that's the 25Th) and if by some miracle I actually have more than 3 people sign up and show there interest, I'll use a random pick of 3. It does say that you have a year to send off. But I'll most likely do it this weekend or the next, and send my goodies out ASAP! I'm very sorry, but I'm going to have to restrict this to people living in Australia only. I'd like to include everyone, but I just don't have the cash for international mail at the moment. Sorry!!

Just comment here and I'll email out to those who got picked on Sunday night, or Monday morning.

Hope everyone is having a fantastical week!


17 January 2009

Eye Spy... A taste of summer.

My dresses!!! They're out of the cupboard and ready to be worn baby.

I actually have about 5 more than these that I wanted to show off too. But I really couldn't be bothered carrying them out to the yard, hanging them up and photographing those ones too.

Amongst those that didn't make the cut there is the beautiful party dress I got at Forever New the other day for $6.99 reduced from $119.99 because there was a bow that fell off it. (That was ugly, the dress looks better without it. And it didn't even leave a mark !) And a really cute suit dress that is the best grey colour ever!

Hope you like my babies. Thanks to Bug and Pop for hosting and to Anastasia C for this weeks theme!


15 January 2009

My Creative Space

At the moment my creative space is mostly restrcited to the train to and from work. And sometimes my desk at lunch time.

These babies are well and truly on the way to becoming little brooches and maybe a few will be hair clips too.

Making Yo-Yo's is way fun, you get instant gratification from them. Or I do at least.

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11 January 2009

Trash and Treasure

I went to the Wantirna Trash and Treasure for the first time in ages this morning.

Boy did it pay of, I thought that these were so beautiful that I just had to share them!!
The two smaller ones with the cream lid don't seem like they've ever been used before, and the bigger blue on was just a little dirty. But in awesome condition.

I'm actually replacing my current saucepans with these, they were just crappy kmart ones and these are such nice quality that I just can't say no to them! Damien thought they were for show, he was surprised. Though he admits now that they're very nice quality.

Pretty, no?


Eye spy.... something I want to try in 2009

These are some of my cook books. I think that I have made about 2 meals out of them total (not including sweets recipes).

Something I want to try in 2009 is making different recipes. I'm sure it's the same with a lot of people, but I always seem to find myself having the same 5 or 10 things for dinner on rotation. Just because it's easier.

Here's hoping that I follow through on this one. For the sake of my taste buds!


Guilty Confessions.....

Amy always thinks up the funniest games :)

Well here goes. I think that my confession is something that a lot of people are guilty of too. So, I'm going to bite the bullet and come out of the closet for every one.

I love reading Chick Lit books.
You know the ones. Where a girl meets a boy and they know each other for like a week and they fall in love and they get married in about 3 seconds. But, I only like the ones that are funny too. Don't mind a bit of crime mystery thrown in there too!

Head over and see everyone else's confessions!


05 January 2009

Protect the Net

I know that this isn’t really an appropriate forum to air any political grievances, but since anyone who happens to read mine or anyone else’s blog or website is effected I think it’s ok this once.

In just a few months Australia could become part of a club that at the moment has members including China, Cuba and North Korea. I am of course talking about the “clean feed filter”. If the filter were to be allowed, it would be mandatory, regulated entirely by the government and slow the internet down by an average of 30%.

One of the main concerns aside from the huge slowdown is the fact that as yet, no censorship guidelines have been made public and they may never be. There are no hard and fast rules of censorship, and no one knows what age the internet is to be made appropriate for. Meaning that the government is to decide what is pornographic or offensive. Depending on the regulators themselves and the age the filter is aimed at, this could quite easily group
sex education, modern art and child pornography together.

I’m obviously no expert on the matter, so if you’re interested in learning more about the clean feed filter, I suggest going to visit www.nocleanfeed.com and having a bit of a read.

I promise the next post will be more fun and craft filled!


04 January 2009

Eye spy... My best memory of 2008.

This year has bought a lot of new things for me!
I started working full time again, moved from a really average house to a little duplex that I love, got my first (and second) real pet, started crafting, got my own sewing machine, made my first toy, quilt, apron. The list seems to go on and on!

All in all an excellent year. One of the best memories though, I would have to say.

Getting this baby.

I hope you all had a really good New Year and are gearing up for a fun and creative 2009. Expect lots of posts from me!


The (belated) Christmas Wrap

This post is dedicated to CurlyPops, since I totally stole the title of it from her!

I was very spoilt this year, as most years due to my enormous extended family network.

There were lots of nice little sewing odds and ends, including new fabric scissors and a very fancy rotary cutter. I got a big ole Lincraft voucher too. Which was quickly and joyfully spent on boxing day when it was 30% off storewide. Lovely.

There were some great kitchen things, like milkshake cups (yum!), a lovely vintage jug, an awesome cupcake pack which included a new pan, cooling rack, stand and some silicone patty pans. Which I've always wanted. And a gorgeous teapot with matching creamer and sugar bowl.

My lovely sister got me a subscription to Handmade magazine, which I'm pretty jazzed about since I'll get all the patterns easily now. The ones at the library are always missing. She also passed on a nice chunk of her Kootoyoo scheDUEL giveaway. So generous!

Of course there was plenty of chocolates and drinks and some very nice cookbooks. The list just goes on! I'm a very lucky girl :)