16 March 2010

What did you do this weekend?

I did this. My dad made me a garden box last week, what a nice dad! Theoretically we should be able to take the box with us if we have to move again, since we're renting. Gold star to whoever can guess all six of the different herbs I planted.

So, what did you do this weekend?

- Jemma


The Crafty Librarian said...

I went to my Swedish friend's house. And ate pizza. But that was at my friend Amanda's house.

Martta said...

Nice box! I wonder if the concept would work on a balcony. I guess there is nothing stopping me from trying.

noricum said...

Rosemary, dill(?), parsley, basil, ...hmm... oregano (or mint, if not oregano), and thyme... but not the thyme with the really pointy leaves.

I should probably stop procrastinating now... or at least use my procrastination to hem my pants new pants, so I don't have to wear the muddy ones tomorrow. (The only other pair I have is worn out and getting holes... although the muddy pair is looking rather ratty these days too... time to buy *more* pants! The "new" pair I actually bought last spring, but didn't have time to hem before summer, and then it wasn't an issue.)