11 March 2010

A New Start.

my shiny new boots.

So, when I say that I'm going to be back soon I guess you can take that as six months. Minimum. Oops.

At least I have some excuses. I swear.

Moved house (as you know)
Change roles totally within my job.
Got a new job.
Quit my old one.
Been sick. 
Been tired.
Had enough of 2009, well and truly.
Lost someone.
Lots of  bad news. 
Settled in at a new house.
Kept going with dressmaking class. 
Working on me time, as lame as that sounds.
Still making, just not as much, or in the same ways.

I won't say again that I'll be back soon with the normal posts of old days, because I tried that already. So I'll just say, see you soon.



angelique said...

Do you know I checked in the other day to see if I had missed anything(or if google had) but saw that you hadn't posted in all that time. I hope everything is back on track or as best it can be at this time. Hope to see something when you arer ready.


Miss Muggins said...

welcome back!