22 June 2009

I've been having a ball!

My first attempt at paper piecing. And a puzzle ball which I just thought looked like fun. (It was!) To say that the soccer ball was biting off a little more than I could chew would be an understatement. For starters, who knew that a soccer ball was hexagons AND pentagons. I didn't so I tried to make it with all hexagons first. Also, a soccer ball has a lot of seams. That need to be hand sewn. Tough! But a good result in the end I think?

In unrelated news. There was a shetland pony grazing on a nature strip down the road from my Auntie's house on Sunday. Yes, I did pull over to take a photo. Cool though, right?



Gina said...

Why yes, that does look ambitious! But well done the results look great.
I think I'll begin my paper-piecing efforts with something very small, like a dear Fii brooch...

SewHum said...

Yes - very cool!!