03 June 2009

Hand Made Birdie

Just added this stamp to my Etsy store. Amigumuri Alec not included!



Amy (badskirt) said...

Sweet stamp! I hope things are going well for you on Etsy. Alec looks a little timid in his modelling. But he's managing the big sign ok.

m.e (Cathie) said...

love your stamps! just wanted to pop by & say hi.

Flickettysplits said...

I just got my surprise parcel in the post! Thank you! I have no idea what I did to deserve it, but I love surprises and I LOVE the fat quarter and pin cushion. And the buttons! My cup runneth over! Thank you again!

Mands said...

Yay- this is coming my way! I just bought it on etsy and can't wait to receive it :)

Anonymous said...

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