16 June 2009

It's Tuesday and I can't wait to....

Go to Dressmaking class on Saturday!

It's so much fun. I was a little bit aprehensive after that first class. Everything seemed to be a bit simple in terms of the sewing and things. I didn't really need to watch the teacher thread the sewing machine for 45 minutes. But honestly, it's getting better every week! Last Saturday I started on a new project. I've finished the skirt that we all had to make for our first thing. A simple pattern that my teacher Sue chose that wouldn't overwhelm us, and even though I think it's a bit ugly and I'll most likely never wear it. I'm still proud as punch of how it turned out, and I learnt how to take in skirts while I was making it. A skill that I used this past weekend. So there you go.

This is the dress that I'm making now. The yellow one with the pink sash. First I have to make it in calico, to make sure that the fit is perfect and then I can get started on the real thing. Any suggestions on what kind of fabric to use? I'm thinking a light weight tweed kind of thing. To make it very Jackie O. But I really have no idea, and fabric names mean absolutely nothing to me. What the heck is damask?! Hopefully I'll learn that one soon too!

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Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Thanks for playing along. I am in awe of anyone who can sew at all! I don't really know my fabrics either but I can see that dress in tweed.

Gina said...

Oh, I say polkadots all the way girl! But no idea about fabric weights and drapes, sorry.

Cravings Frocks said...

This page even has a photo of the dress style you're making IN damask!

P.S. fashion-era.com is an amazing website.

CurlyPops said...

I have no idea about fabrics either!
That dress is a great style, and it would look really funky in a tweed.

Tania said...

Do you reckon you could let me in on the damask thing once you have that one sussed? LOVING the Jackie O approach. Fairly sure Jackie O wouldn't have worn damask.

myf said...

it's fantastic to see you excited about your new sewing powers

Jenaveve said...

I went to a Spotlight class yonks ago and the teacher's name was Sue also.

Would love to see the skirt, or the one you took in? Which dress are you making? Too many questions? :) Well, fear not - I'm hopeless at fabric knowledge and I think it's just going to be another learn-as-you-go thing.

Anonymous said...

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