26 April 2009

Camberwell Market

This morning I got up nice and early to catch the 7.30 train to the Market and meet some lovely brown owly girls. It was my first time there, and I was a little bit worried that I'd get lost or some other calamity. But I made it there, with plenty of time. So a good time was had by all! We got some coffee, and I got a very nice blueberry muffin for brekky.

We did a few laps and I got some very nice purchases! There were a few other things that I would of very much liked to take home, but the seller's were dreaming! And of course there were a few things that I would have had if it was just $10 instead of $15, but I'm crazy like that.

All in all, a very fun morning and I met some very nice girls too. I'll definitely be heading back too. Is there any other brown owls that live in the out eastern suburbs? I thought I might try and organise a trash and treasure morning for us since there's one so close to my house.

Let me know!

- Jemma


Nettle & Brier said...

Ooh, I love those buttons. When I was four I fell in love with buttons and have never looked back.

Christina Lowry said...

Great finds! I love a day out at the markets, you just never know what you will see and find... like those cute buttons!

Anonymous said...

Excellent finds, dont you love those days!! Gorgeous buttons, well done.

Jenaveve said...

I'm having an extreme case of deja-vu with that blue needle box... I'm going to have to ask around - maybe my mum, maybe my grandma had one... oh this is too weird! Same color and all...

red ruksha said...

I found a green needle box same same as your blue beauty at the trash and treasure in wantirna one wet sunday morning last winter. Much treasure to be had there! I'm local and always up for it. Get in touch if you're still keen.