22 April 2009

Brown Owls this week!

I went to my second brown owls meeting this week with Jess in tow. It was really fun, but to say that I wasn't getting the granny square thing would be a slight understatement!

After I came home slightly frustrated and ready to give up, I decided to regroup and have another go of it. With the help of Pip's wonderful instructions I finally got the hang of it!

So, without further ado I give you 3 slightly wonky and not really square granny squares!

Hopefully they'll get increasingly better :)



CurlyPops said...

You even managed to change colour. I'm impressed!

handmaiden said...

great start

Tinniegirl said...

Love the colour combos.

Katy said...

I second tinniegirl's comment! esp the purple

Katy said...

(the frankie mag in the background makes it :p)