18 March 2011


Do you love Martha? Because I sure do!

I know that lots of people have some very mixed feelings about her. And that she can be pretty scary, but I just can't help it.

With the arrival of my iPad, so came the ability to get her magazines fir about a fifth of the cost it would be to get paper versions here in Australia. To say I'm in seventh heaven would not be an understatement.

All of your feelings for Martha aside, you can't argue with the beauty of these projects and photos, no can you?

These are from the ester edition of everyday living that I've been devouring.

Only one complaint. America has opposite seasons to us, so they're all bragging about spring as we head into dreary winter. Oh well. I still love it.



Maggie said...

I love Martha and Simple Living too. Do you need an Ipad or would a Macbook do?

Crystle said...

Martha is an icon! Have you ever actually read her Wiki page? She babysat for the children very famous baseball players. Either way, I'm glad it's spring Stateside! Fireflies are out!

Kat said...

Hi - i just wanted to say thank you so much for my cushion you made me in the swap. It is amazing! You can definitely cross number 1 off your 101 in 1001 list. You are amazing at embroidery!!!

Sunny Jewellery said...

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