16 March 2011

28. Have a real garden

These are a few photos from my yard. Top left is the passion fruit vine I got for Christmas that has quadrupled in size, top right is the nicest mint that I've ever grown (very green!). Bottom left is Damien's little turtle chilling out in the crazy strawberry plant that has a mind of its own and bottom right is a view of all.

The parsley and mint were both totally ripped out when I planted the passion fruit and have resurrected themselves. Not that I mind. The strawberry was there when we moved in, but has just gotten out of control huge. Again, not that I mind!

This is actually just a small part of the garden and I have a real veggie patch now. But to be honest it's a little ugly at the moment. Just a few snail eaten chillies and leeks... Hopefully I'll get a good winter crop in though and it'll be prettier for photos!



scott said...

Send us some Strawbs!

NessaKnits said...

I think you can do some crossing off on your list! Next, I propose that you have a nephew come and stay!