13 March 2011

25. Organise my sewing room properly.

Moving house has been a great help with this one. Because I got to start off fresh! This is the purple craft room, which I hated when it was all empty. Purple can be an overpowering colour. But now all of my stuff is there, I think i might like it!

My lovely craft books and magazines.

My sewing machine and my green table, one of my favorite things.

My TWO windows with lots and lots of sunlight. (My photography skills leave something to the imagination though)

More craft books and the lovely Horstense in some calico toilles. Along with some gocco prints I did at brown owls back in the day..

So what do you think, pro purple or no?


1 comment:

Jessica Jorna (The Crafty Librarian) said...

The question is more, can you be bothered moving everything out and then painting? Some nice pictures, or something to tone down the purple?