30 July 2009


So, it seems that everyone is is cuckoo over my new labels. I know, they're pretty good right? I got them from this etsy store. I got 300 for what worked out to be around 40AUD. A bargain I thought. The service was really good too. You tell them what you want, they'll email you a draft for you to approve and then when that's all done they'll print them. You can also use any free font, this includes open source fonts I think. So there's lots of variety! And I'm pretty sure that if you choose some of the other options they can do pictures and everything. I didn't really look at them though.

And as for the pressing ham, I was going to do a tutorial maybe? But it was so easy that I felt silly. I'll just tell you. I asked my dressmaking teacher about them, because like a lot of you I'm sure I have the "why buy when you can make" philosophy. I pretty much just cut 2 pieces of fabric into a rough ham shape (let me know if you'd like me to post the template) and sewed them right sides together. With no real strong understanding, I figured that you would need to use stronger fabrics. So one side is calico, and the other is some nice sturdy linen from Amy.

To stuff it you can pretty much use anything that won't melt. The one in my class is stuffed with sand and saw dust, so it's super sturdy. For mine I bought a cot sized piece of natural fiber quilt wadding. Bamboo or cotton should do. Then I just cut it up into little chunks and stuffed in as many as I could. And I do mean that literally. It should be a struggle to sew up the gap because it needs to be as firm as possible!

Hope you enjoy!



Christina Lowry said...

The tags look great! I look forward to seeing where some more of them end up, like in a dress with darts and princess seams?! (You clever sewer you!) :)

CurlyPops said...

Thanks for the links - I'm going to head on over to that Etsy shop (I'm a bit excited that they can use any free font)!

The Crafty Librarian said...

I think you should post a tutorial, because you're so clever.

Jenaveve said...

Firstly - LOVE the ham. Very professional. And secondly - LOVE the tags. I've been pondering getting some together for August Street for yonks and I think it might be time, so thank you for the link.

Sounds like you're really coming along in class!

Bec Clarke said...

Thanks for that info, glad you got my question. I will have to order some they are great and a great price.

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Ah, we have probably been admiring the same pressing ham in our dressmaking classes with Sue - too funny! The one you have made is absolutely gorgeous. It would make pressing more fun.

(PS. I am in a Tuesday night class. This term I have a nice American lady in my class who I think used to be in yours?)

tea with lucy said...

Thanks for the link.

I was contemplating making my own with iron on tranfers and the like. But that seems so reasonably priced for so many, I might just pop on over to etsy.

kanishk said...

like in a dress with darts and princess seams?! (You clever sewer you!)

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