12 February 2009

Simple Swap

Today I received my first ever swap in the mail! Very exciting for me :) I can't for the life of me remember the blog that the swap was from. I'll have a look around tomorrow and find out!

Anywho, these are 2 very nice fat 1/4's. The starry one was sent specifically with a softie in mind! And a little jelly roll that looks like it's from tie fabric? They're all very nice and silky in any case.

I really love this little clasp that she sent too! It's from a flea market.

This is a lovely note that she sent me, how cute is the reindeer rabbit?! Love it.

Buut, this is my favourite. "Awesome Friends". It's bread and butter! I've been giggling over this one for a solid 20 minutes.


1 comment:

The Crafty Librarian said...

I love that awesome friends thing! I have a cute cartoon on my blog, very similar which has a toaster and some burnt toast which says "Don't talk to me"...gold! I can't help but love it :oD