15 February 2009

Eye Spy... My secret (food) shame

Well, I don't thing my one is that strange. A lot of people like salty and sweet things together, I just take my enjoyment of it to a bit more of an extreme than others.

2 of my favourite salty/sweet combos are peanut butter spread on any type of fruit and eaten by the truckload (this includes peanut butter and banana sandwiches) and pancakes with syrup and bacon. My mouth is watering just thinking of it!!


Thanks to just needs salt for this weeks theme and the lovely Cindy for hosting as always! I'm on annual leave for the next 2 weeks. So hopefully you can expect lots of posting from me!!



CurlyPops said...

I've never understood the pancakes and syrup with bacon thing. I love bacon, and I love pancakes with syrup.... but I just can't eat them together on the same plate.

AnastasiaC said...

it all sounds delicious - i think the salt and sweet combo is very satisfying...something to do with our tastebuds!