22 September 2008

Here we go again....

Once again I find myself writing a first blog post.

Hi my name is Jemma and I’m a serial blog starter. Ha!

Hopefully this one will take, I have found a nice little community that I want to be a part of and having my own craft blog is a key step it seems!

Just a quick one to say that I’ve just gotten a tweenie pass for the next Brown Owls meeting, and I’m very nervous. I sent Pip from meet me at mikes a very nerdy email asking what to expect etc and deep in my geeky heart, I hope she replies. And luckily for me my sister is down from Sydney at the right time, so she can come and be a helpful influence in me actually talking to people.

I’ll start putting up photos of things soon, and hopefully do some regular post. I put a coat of white paint on a box this weekend to make my own little studio to take photos of small things with some nice lighting.

Will be back soon I hope, recipes maybe? Pictures of my canisters? Photos of Amity?

- Jemma

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The Crafty Librarian said...

I can't wait to read your blog! Your header is mega cute!