06 June 2011

My New Place..

Come and check out the new place! I've decided to move to bigger and better things. Don't forget me in the move....!

18 March 2011


Do you love Martha? Because I sure do!

I know that lots of people have some very mixed feelings about her. And that she can be pretty scary, but I just can't help it.

With the arrival of my iPad, so came the ability to get her magazines fir about a fifth of the cost it would be to get paper versions here in Australia. To say I'm in seventh heaven would not be an understatement.

All of your feelings for Martha aside, you can't argue with the beauty of these projects and photos, no can you?

These are from the ester edition of everyday living that I've been devouring.

Only one complaint. America has opposite seasons to us, so they're all bragging about spring as we head into dreary winter. Oh well. I still love it.


17 March 2011


I need advice!

Damien wants a quilt. Since I've finished my one, he's been stealing it. And that just won't do :)

So, what's a good "manly" fabric? I'm thinking plaids, but suggestions would be lovely!

(Please nothing with John Deere on it, please!)


16 March 2011

28. Have a real garden

These are a few photos from my yard. Top left is the passion fruit vine I got for Christmas that has quadrupled in size, top right is the nicest mint that I've ever grown (very green!). Bottom left is Damien's little turtle chilling out in the crazy strawberry plant that has a mind of its own and bottom right is a view of all.

The parsley and mint were both totally ripped out when I planted the passion fruit and have resurrected themselves. Not that I mind. The strawberry was there when we moved in, but has just gotten out of control huge. Again, not that I mind!

This is actually just a small part of the garden and I have a real veggie patch now. But to be honest it's a little ugly at the moment. Just a few snail eaten chillies and leeks... Hopefully I'll get a good winter crop in though and it'll be prettier for photos!


15 March 2011

41. Make 5 quilts start to finish - Quilts 1 & 2

Quilt 1 of 5.

This one was made for my nephew Seth for his first Christmas. Made using this technique by Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.

It was made with Michael Miller Robot Camp and plain red cotton. I can't remember the binding, sorry! It was very fun to make, very easy despite the complex looking end product and nice to work in colours I wouldn't usually choose.

Very good in all!

Quilt 2 of 5.

Made with two City Weekend charm packs that I got about 100 years ago from the Badskirt Shop. I actually started making this 3 houses ago. So maybe, four years??

Anyway, this is the first quilt that I've made just for me. And I use it everyday on the couch, it's very snuggly!


14 March 2011

99. Get a lime tree.

I finally went out and got my lime tree in the hopes of maybe having at least a few baby limes for in spring this year for some tasty mojitos.

This is a Tahitian lime, which are the most delicious one for your cocktail needs and are also good for cooking with. I got a grafted plant which basically means that they have taken a shoot from a mature lime tree and glued it onto a root system of a younger plant. This just basically means that I'll be getting limes asap.

It may not be the prettiest tree, but I have high hopes!

- Jemma

13 March 2011

25. Organise my sewing room properly.

Moving house has been a great help with this one. Because I got to start off fresh! This is the purple craft room, which I hated when it was all empty. Purple can be an overpowering colour. But now all of my stuff is there, I think i might like it!

My lovely craft books and magazines.

My sewing machine and my green table, one of my favorite things.

My TWO windows with lots and lots of sunlight. (My photography skills leave something to the imagination though)

More craft books and the lovely Horstense in some calico toilles. Along with some gocco prints I did at brown owls back in the day..

So what do you think, pro purple or no?


12 March 2011

46. Learn how to make real coffee

Never mind the dirty window. Just admire my tasty latte in a my pretty, pretty cup.

Damien and I made the plunge and got a coffee machine in the boxing day sales that we like to affectionately call "Longhi".

If you think buying a coffee machine will help you save money on the take away coffee you get every day, then you're wrong. You just drink twice as much!


11 March 2011

90. Meet my neighbours.

Well, after an initially terrifying meeting with my neighbors on one side I'm happy to report that this list item has gone very well!

Firstly our next door neighbor on the left was actually the agent who sold us the house, so that was easy.

The meeting that was scary was the neighbors on the other side. I was in the front yard minding my business when she comes running over to me demanding to know my dogs name.. I was thinking that she was going to yell at me for his barking or something, but just wanted to know his name so she could make friends. Apparently they had quite a nice little through the fence relationship going on....

We also kind of met the across the street neighbors when they taped a Christmas card to our rubbish bins, so I'd call that mission accomplished!


10 March 2011

My creative space

I've been doing things, really I have!

I have about 15 list items that I
Ve done saved in my drafts folder just needing photos added. Which i will be doing over our 3 day weekend that coming up...

In the mean time.... I got an iPad yesterday and have been drawing lots of little cartoons with it (like the one above) Very fun!

Make sure to go see Kootoyoo for more spaces...


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